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At New School Aikido we know there are many options on martial arts, but we are firm believers than once you try this non-violent self defense style you will opt to follow through with the learning experience. That is why we are offering two free classes so you can try this amazing art.

As always we are just one phone call away, call us directly. (209) 670-7536

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You can learn more about the dojo and our history on About us Section, or check some of our etiquette videos on Youtube

Japanese Pronunciation

Since Aikido is a Japanese Art, it uses a lot of Japanese words.
While training in Aikido does not include mastering the Japanese language, for those of you who are interested, this is a more in-depth guide for the pronunciation and meaning of Japanese words and terms related to our training.


Similar to Spanish, Japanese generally has only one sound assigned to each vowel:

  • a = “aw” sound as in raw, top, calm.
  • i = “ee” as in eel, meal, iguana.
  • u = “00” as in moon, tune, flu.
  • e = “eh” as in met, well, elevator.
  • o = “oh” as in open, tone, loan.

In Japanese, each syllable is pronounced for an equal amount of time. The word hakama is often pronounced in a more English way: “huh-KAW-muh”, but in Japanese would be closer to sounding like “hakka-ma”

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Ribbon Cutting Group

We recently had our ribbon cutting ceremony for our new location, we had an amazing time. The food provided by chef Vanessa Gomez from Cafe Nessa Catering was a delight. The support given by the Central Valley Asian-American Chamber of Commerce was much appreciated.

Ribbon Cutting Group